Carl Sagan once said that we live in the most wondrous of times. Every passing day, our understanding of nature improves. We find new ways of being awed. Huge advances have been made in all fields of knowledge. Technologies that were the realm of science fiction fantasies have become common place. In the midst of these disruptive changes, we need to ask ourselves what role does religion play and is it still relevant?

Religion is usually viewed as above questioning. It is the ultimate source of knowledge. An unmoving, unwavering fortress of truth where you can take refuge when assaulted with doubts about yourself and about the world around you. My aim to is show that it is not the case. Religion is man made and as with any other human creation, it is open to critique. The growing body of scientific knowledge directly contradict many fundamental aspects of religion.

I think the Universe is a lot more beautiful when you see it through the eyes of science than with those of religion. Having come from a religious background, I have never experienced the same level of ecstasy with religion than I did with science. This is the primary purpose of this blog: to share my wonder , to show that you don't need religion to explain the cosmos.

Hinduism will be my primary area of study. Why not other religions? Because there are giga-tons of material that critique the Abrahamic religions with respect to what they think of the Universe and how it compares to science. Why Hinduism? Because, at present, there is a disturbing trend to view the various scriptural texts of Hinduism as the only source of knowledge and all science that is being done today is considered as a subset of the ancient texts. This has the potential to harm the progress of knowledge as progress is only possible when you acknowledge ignorance. There is a growing conceit among Indians that they are the descendants of the greatest culture that can ever exist on Earth. Declining to accept knowledge from other sources will only weaken us. The other reason for choosing Hinduism is my familiarity with it. I'm a former Hindu and study the history of it as a hobby.