Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Never Go Full Profound

As far as I’m concerned, that man has found enlightenment. Or Moksha. Or Brahman. Or Salvation. Thanks to technology, the moment of enlightenment has been nicely captured.

Had this man used the right verbiage, had a flair for oration, an intuition for analogy, and been born in a different age or been in different circumstance in today’s world, he’d be amongst the most revered spiritual gurus.

The man no doubt had a profound experience. Every day millions of people have such experiences. But having been indoctrinated by religion, they don’t realize the importance of such experiences. They think only wise people with years of practice can attain enlightenment. What a travesty.

Some people do have the proper experiences as decreed by religion. And they go full profound. They will start a cult/religion or join one and will begin pitching Moksha. Or Brahman. Or Salvation. In order to explain their experience, they will use the most inane analogies (like the venerable snake and rope from the Brahman lore) and convoluted logic to drive home their sales pitch - I had a profound experience. You shall have it too by surrendering your critical faculties and listening to my drivel. That is the goal of your life.

Enlightening experiences are everywhere. Religion only spoils them for you by robbing them of their beauty -What? You find bacteria as enlightening? Tch. Tch. If you only you gave up that gross material realm and entered the subliminal spiritual realm. You poor soul. Imagine all such experiences that religion has been robbing humanity of for millenia.

That is why you never go full profound. You just stay at profound and give others the chance to find profoundness in whatever way they like.