Monday, January 18, 2016

On Wordpress now

My new blog location -

I moved from Blogger to tumblr on a whim, and because Blogger kind of stagnated in the options it gave you. After moving, I discovered that on tumblr I can follow people who I find interesting and get their posts in my tumblr dashboard. I also found that the tumblr editor isn’t that good mainly because it doesn’t autosave your drafts, meaning if your browser crashes while you are typing in a draft, you lose the draft. But that drawback wasn’t a deal breaker given that that I could follow others.

But ever since tumblr thought it would be a good idea to insert random posts into my dashboard, from people who I don’t follow, I find tumblr not that attractive. There is nothing to counterweigh the not-so-good editor. So off to wordpress which has a vastly better publishing experience.